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CRM designs the new COME Montedison's magazine

Milan, March 2001

With this issue, dedicated to the challenges posed by the net economy, COME changes its graphics and its publisher.
Why? Because this past year the media has published the Group's great new accomplishments: Compart's take-over of Montedison and the consequential merger between the two companies; the decision to drop the name Compart because of its frigid connotations, perpetuating the Montedison tradition; the friendly take-over of Falck and Sondel and Falck's subsequent merger with Montedison; the birth of EdisonTel and the founding of the Fondazione Montedison.
Keeping step with these novelties, COME proposes a presentation of the work on the varied themes that Montedison and its companies have elaborated during the year. Published in monographic issues, this work will be "intertwined" with the best facts and information from the sector, both national and international.
Welcome to our new COME and enjoy.

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